Electric cigarettes are fast spreading in the world market and many manufacturers are emerging with different shapes and designs. The users are constantly looking for the best type and one which stands out from the rest. When shopping for the best RTA tank, there are various factors that you should consider. An RTA is a component of various components aimed at giving the user the best vaping experience. RTA tanks come in different sizes and their varying capacity. The build deck size can offer provision for the user to adjust the air flow according to his preference. The price of an RTA should be the first factor to consider while choosing the best RTA tank for 2017. With a specific set budget, it becomes easier to choose the best RTA among the price bracket.

1. Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast RTA
This device is in high demand due to its high quality and properties. Potential users need to place orders for shipment as they are not available in the market due to the many orders that the manufacturers receive. This RTA provides the best user experience due to its ease of use and the larger juice holes to change the wicking as compared to the previous versions. Users are also able to use high VG e-liquid without any challenges due to the bigger holes in this current version.

The TFV8 has a provision where the user is in a position to use different coils with the inclusion of the new line of turbo coils. This device comes with three different coils which can be used to vary the taste, quantity and the smoothness of the vapour.

2. Kanger TopTank Mini
The Kanger TopTank Mini is one of the best RTA tanks for 2017 due to its compatibility. The tank uses 510 connection and allows it to be used with other mods and 510 connection drip tips. The tank comes with an inclusion of Mini RBA Plus deck, which gives the user he ability to build his own coils. If you are not interested in building your own deck, the tank comes with prebuilt convenience coils.

3. Steam Crave Aromamizer RDTA
This device appears at the top of the best tanks for flavour. The RTDA allows airflow directly onto the deck as the air holes are located on the sides of the chambers. Rubber bands are used to control the air flow to the four holes for the best user experience. The superiority of this kind of tanks comes from the fact that the e-liquid is put directly onto the deck. This also ensures that the distance that the liquid needs to travel is significantly reduced.

4. Vaporesso Gemini RTA
This device makes the top cut for the best RTA tank for beginners. The Gemini has a unique design which gives access to more airflow. This design makes it possible for the user to get access to airflow from all angles. There is also an air hole post which is located in the central portion and sits in between the build desk and the velocity post of the desk, which gives the user a bit more airflow. The user is able to adjust the airflow depending on his preference. The amount of air got by the user is variable from the top and bottom of the RTA device.

The juice flow for the RTA device is also manageable as compared to other devices. The Gemini has bigger wicking holes which are convenient for producing more vapour. They also play a significant role in bringing a better flavour to the user. This makes it the most convenient tank for beginners who want to enjoy the vaping experience.