Someone once told me about the famous Camel cigarette advert in Times Square, New York City which blew smoke rings, which they described as, ‘halos of American ingenuity.’ This struck me as I had recently read an article about the history of smoking from which I learnt that humans began smoking Cannabis in the Middle East, and Native Americans Tobacco and hallucinogenic drugs from 5000BC, but it was until Europeans invaded the Americas that smoking became widespread and only after the invention of the pre-rolled cigarette in America that massive addiction cast a shadow over humankind. The Camel advert I think is the epitome of that commercialisation of a product that will probably kill you. There is no Camel advert in Times Square anymore but it was genius marketing. Humans have moved on, now in the 21st Century we can get our nicotine fix in a much healthier way via vaping and we can still blow smoke rings!

Smoke rings, form naturally from some volcanoes and they are a wonder to observe. Blowing your own smoke rings will always garner a crowd. With these new vaping devices it is possible to create some amazing smoke rings. But what are the tricks of the trade?

For basic vaping tricks all you need is you and your device. There are variety of more advanced tricks, some that require additional equipment, but for now we will just deal with the basic ones. For all of these tricks it is a good idea to use a mirror if you can which makes it easier to see if you are getting it right.

Classic smoke ring: Keeping your tongue flat and at the floor of your mouth, take a deep inhale of vapour into your mouth. Pucker up your lips as if you are going to kiss someone, trying to make your lips as circular as possible and exhale a small amount of vapour using your throat in a sighing motion.

Vape Bend: Blow a classic smoke ring, and then bend the ring using your finger or arm. There many variations on this theme involving different props that you can use to make different shapes.

Cloud Dragon: You need to inhale a large amount of vapour for this. As much as you can. When your mouth is full, exhale through your nose with quite a lot of force and exhale a little through each corner of your mouth.

Ghost Inhale: This is quite simple but takes some practise. Inhale a normal amount of vapour and then exhale, quickly reversing the action to inhale the smoke that you have just exhaled. It looks quite creepy when you get it right.

There are others tricks that you can pick up along the way. Once you get started and get practising your skills will improve and you can move on to more difficult tricks. Sharing tricks with your friends and people you meet is a great to hone your existing skills and pick up some new ideas and tricks. Enjoy!