It is unfortunate to note that vaping is not allowed while travelling by plane. Many people who vape would love to enjoy the experience while travelling by air, but the regulations put against vape pens don’t offer much allowance for one to vape while travelling by air. Most international and local flights have stringent regulations that prohibit vaping on flight. Initially, different airlines put different sets of rules regarding vaping and people would be allowed in different categories. However, these rules have changed over the years and the new regulations affect both vaping and the types of devices and e-liquids one can carry on planes.

The law does not cover these rules in a similar manner, although many airports now have different regulations on e-cigarettes. It also depends on where you are travelling from as there are areas designated for a quick vape break before boarding the flight, so you have to first confirm with your airline before you pack your vaping tools. Also read the airport’s rules regarding vaping to understand whether you are allowed to carry e-liquids and vape pens.

Apart from regulation from the airports, there are also government regulations that speak about vaping. Upon going through these rules, you will note that you are not allowed to carry e-cigarettes in checked bags and if you have to carry one you should choose a carry-on bag while passing into the security checks. This means all e-liquids must be put in a clear plastic bag and you should adhere to the recommended 100ml limit. The good thing about most e-liquids is that they are packaged in small bottles of 10ml, so you don’t need to worry about the limit as long as you buy the right number. Also considering that clearomisers can leak, you should empty yours before the plane takes off to avoid inconveniencing others who don’t vape.

With these limitations in mind, you need to think about the amount that will serve you through the entire flight. Get your suppler and choose bottles that can be scanned easily during the security check, then always follow all the guidelines at the port of exit and landing. Remember airports use different rules, so immediately you arrive at your next port, you should request to be given a copy of the regulations touching on vaping so you can understand what is allowed.

Additionally, you are advised to disconnect batteries from atomizers before going to the checkpoint. This is to ensure you don’t set off an alarm, and it’s easier to hand something than to wait to be treated like a criminal pulling some tricky stuff. Basically, make sure your bulky e-cig does not appear like a pen bomb because this could land you into trouble and before you are done explaining you will have missed the flight. Just make things easy by following to the letter the regulations set by the airline. Once in the plane, you can reassemble your atomizer, but don’t vape inside the plane as this is not allowed.

Planes are built with smoke sensors and alarms, so vaping on board will activate these alarms. These are safety features that cannot be tampered with, and vaping inside the plane could raise issues due to the panic the alarms could cause. Don’t be the reason people will endure a nasty flight because you want to vape regardless of the regulations set by the airline. You will have to wait till the plane arrives at the next stop so as to get a chance to enjoy your e-cigs. And remember you cannot also charge your e-cigarette while on flight, so observe these rules if you want to enjoy your flight.