Best Vape Mods of 2017

Vape mods industry saw a huge boom in recent years. These are the advanced e-cig technology which offers long-term vaping with great battery life and performance when compared with eGo-style. They have great features which will make you enjoy your vaping experience....
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Best RTA Tanks for 2017

Electric cigarettes are fast spreading in the world market and many manufacturers are emerging with different shapes and designs. The users are constantly looking for the best type and one which stands out from the rest. When shopping for the best RTA tank, there are...
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Basic Vaping Tricks

Someone once told me about the famous Camel cigarette advert in Times Square, New York City which blew smoke rings, which they described as, ‘halos of American ingenuity.’ This struck me as I had recently read an article about the history of smoking from which I...
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Electronic cigarettes and Vape Pens are technological inventions introduced by a Chinese pharmacist called Hon Lik in 2003, with an idea to make nicotine supplied inhalable and flavored smoke, like vapour, to replace the traditional feel of cigarettes smoking, and makes smoking environmental friendly when a user wants to use in public or an area with non smokers. The e-cigarettess are popular and loved by most people as they have a nice look, and they don’t get spoilt like the traditional cigarettes.
E cigarette and vapour smoking are famous and applicable among the older and younger generation, thus best suited to all the ages above the age of 18 as recommended by the laws.

Their features consists of:

• The outside physical part can be similar in size, shape, weight to the normal cigarettes, and has three parts to it. The battery, cartomizer, silicone mouthpiece and, not forgetting the led light located on the rear of the power supply that lights when the user huffs. This look like the real traditional cigar.

• It is disposable once the holder in the catomizer is empty hence it is to be used once.

• They come with pre-filled cartridges to avoid the messy refilling of the flavored nicotine.

• Vaporisers resemble the e-cigarettes only that they are bigger like the fountain pen with a large power supply at the rear, a colorless reserve chamber in the middle and the mouth piece.

• Usage is by pressing a knob on the adjacent side where the heat produced vaporises the juice and releases the tasty vapour.

Vaping and using the E-cigarettes is advantageous as it;

• Keeps the charge longer than conventional cigarettes.

• It has a wide variety of flavors, tastes, and the liquid supply providing ability
to mix and match is incredibly good.

• The vaporiser has also the smooth delivery of nicotine and therefore doesn’t

• The user advantage is that its refillable when it is empty.

• Ability to see the level of the e-liquid assists the user to know the level and knows how soon to refill.

• It is cheaper than the e-cigar in the long run

The great thing about the vaping and using e-cigars is that they don’t contain carcinogens such as arsenic and vinyl chloride making it safe and recommended to use than the traditional cigar.

Second-hand smoking is eliminated as there is no smoke eliminated like in the traditional cigarettes hence safe to use.

The flavors provided in the nicotine give a satisfactory feeling of high that is different from the traditional cigar hence a product recommended for the people who are looking for something different and a good feeling too.

In due course, new upcoming flavors and blends are introduced. According to statistics, there are already 466 brands and more than 7000 flavors in the market. This is s good indicator that users have variety and will not get bored of the same flavor like in traditional cigars.

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